Wine tasting in 3D

With the expert knowledge of Neil Richards at The Digital Film Company and the
gorgeous setting of Clock Tower Events, the scene was set to host a
wine tasting in 3d.

Perfect alignment for the base.


The purpose of this filming is to show it on Thursday September 15th. The evening is to
present Neils work that he has filmed of  East Brent and the surrounding area, to compliment this we are putting on a selection of local Somerset wines and cheeses. It will be a wonderful evening supporting local business and producers as well as raising money for charity. If you would like to book tickets please contact Judy on 01278 760219, tickets cost £8 each or two for £15.00.

Not a film set yet

So,yesterday consisted of doing a dummy wine tasting. It began with Neil, Judy and I setting up the room, it was great to see it go from an empty room to what looked like a film set. It was fun getting it together and as with all acting not all the wines you see are real! I know! But we did have a few bottles to wet the actors palates. The people you see are
friends and family dragged in to pose as guests at a wine tasting, which they did an incredible job so thanks to them!

Neil and Gerry, the equipment arrives!

Neil has some amazing equipment and so much of it, I  believe  Neil is the only person in
the area doing this type of filming which makes it really unique and
exciting. I’ve seen a lot of Neils work from penguins, creepy
graveyard with the morning mist to contemporary dance it really is
fascinating to watch.


Who said size doesn't matter?

If you would like to see more of Neils work, check out a great venue for conferences,
functions and weddings plus taste some scrumptious local wine and
cheese then call Judy to book your tickets on 01278 760219.

Actors on standby

Thanks to everyone that took part to make it happen, it was a fun day, although nerve racking being in front of the camera!





Just about ready to start...