Update on Coast to Coast

As you maybe aware from my a few blogs ago my close friend Melanie is walking coast to coast of the UK in memory of her son Jacque who died 5 years ago at the the
age of 12 from asthma.

I have been receiving texts and photos throughout the week of her trip and just wanted to
share them with you. Melanie is a real inspiration and she is doing this alone which I think makes it harder! She is a wonderful, caring, loving and crazy lady… and she knows I mean crazy in the loving sense.

And so it begins...

And so it begins....

Text received Thursday.
“First signal since Monday! Been really tough! Just finished 16.5
miles today but it took 9 hours constant walking with a lot of height
involved, highest point of whole walk today. Am knackered with
blisters and problem knee and hip. Amazing scenery and met some
lovely people but definitely a challenge, more than I expected”

Amazing View

Amazing Views!


“Blister is infected causing me to walk awkwardly and strained my foot. Has taken
me 11 hours to walk 21 miles over the moors. I basically limped it using my sticks as crutches, felt very down and upset. Hoping I’ll be
ok tomorrow.”

In all weather.. you have to keep going

Today, Tuesday!

Just passed my 100 mile half way point yesterday. Was all moors wading
through peats and bogs yesterday! Luckily a nights sleep helped after
my very hard and painful day when I thought I wouldn’t be able to
walk two days ago. Its the most staggering scenery through the Lake
District and then over the moors and now walking through the
Yorkshire Dales which are so beautiful


If you feel you would like to support Melanie in raising money then please go to her just giving page. You can see more on Mels Facebook page