Crazy Coast to Coast Hike…

A very close friend of mine Melanie lost her son Jacques to an asthma attack 5 years ago this August. In memory of him she is about to hike nearly 200 miles on her own across country from coast to coast. She on the the train up country as I write this to commence her hike tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd August.

Melanie will be doing the hike alone and has had to gain a new set of skills to take on the task such as compass reading. Unfortunately there isn’t the useful signposts to make sure you stay on the right course. This will be a huge challenge as although its August the weather up in the mountains and across moors I doubt will be sunny all the time. Once the fog, mist, rain and anything else that might get thrown at her, then her map reading skills will have to come in to play.

Melanie is an inspiration and has set up a support group to help Bereaved Parents. I understand that many people ask for donations and yes that is what this blog is asking….Melanie hopes to raise £1000. She is very nearly there if you have a few pounds to spare and you would like to donate then you can do so here justgiving – Mel-Phelps

Thank you for your support.