Once upon a Time

Wow, just been hit by memory lane. While I’m sat studying in preparation to commence my WSET Diploma I hop on facebook and update a photo of todays work at
Oatley Vineyard. I decided to have a nose through friends photos and
came across a photo of me and my travelling buddies in New Zealand.

I remember this was an organised wine tasting stop off, on route to another destination, I’d love to say I knew where we were and where we were going but I don’t. I do remember I just loved being in the environment (an not just for what was in my glass) but for the passion they had, there was something that got me hooked!

New Zealand was a great place and I met some amazing people especially my two amigos Rob and Mark. I’d like to say the whole trip of New Zealand was spent sipping wine and educating myself but alas my palate at the time favoured the jagerbombs.

Its funny looking at the picture as I never imagined that I would have ever started my own wine tasting business!

Ah memories ….. At the time I didn’t have a clue what a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc was!

Where it all began