What’s the Grape?

What’s the Grape?

Do you know what grape variety makes Chablis?


Many people are surprised to learn that this wine white shows high acidity green fruit flinty characteristicsis made from Chardonnay. This grapetakes its name from the village in Maconnais in Burgundy but is now well established all over the world, it can produce high quality wines in a range of styles. The grape is quite neutral in taste and therefore takes on flavours from its terrior (soil and area) and how the wine is made. In cooler climates such as Chablis it will give you the green steely light to medium bodied wines. Slightly warmer will give more citrus flavoured whereas hotter climates tend towards more exotic flavours such as mango and fig.

There are many ways to produce wine from this grape, such as using malolatic fermentation which softens and gives buttery creamy notes. It also works well with the integration of oak through the use of oak barrels, either American or French. The use of oak can give quality wine such as the famous Meursault all the way to the cheaper end over oaked Chardonnays.

If you have experienced a negative experience with a Chardonnay grape I urge you to go and investigate the grape further and see what area it is from and how it is made. I often here people say they don’t like Chardonnay but as you can see its not the grape you may not like its the style in which it is produced and made. Pop in to your local Wine Merchant for help and advice such as Clifton Cellars, Bristol.

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