Two Tun Privilege

Wow, what a privilege, only 1800 bottles made and I get to taste it, Two Tuns Shiraz from South Africa 2005.

I Visited Guy and Laura at Aller vineyard to buy their English wine, Smith and Evans which is a blend of chardonnay and pinot and could well be England’s answer to Chablis, fresh delicate with that fantastic mineral edge.

So how does a trip to an English vineyard end up with a bottle of unique South African wine!

It is thanks to Guy and his business colleague Richard, going for a pint and having that pipe dream chat over a beer, they both wanted to make their own wine. This so called pipe dream turned in to reality and they made it happen. They went to South Africa, Riebeek Valley took advice from a friend who knew the region well and directed them to a vineyard called Porcelain Hill and they bought two tuns of grapes!

Shiraz grapes to be precise.

While the grapes where coming in to the winery they were discussing the style they wanted for their wine, both having different ideas. Other grape varieties were being bought in to the winery as well these being the white chenin blanc grapes. These were apparently destined for a large well known company and yes, you guessed it they went for chenin too.

I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting the chenin but I’m sure its a pleasure. I’m a fan of chenin and love its versatility of making great sparkling dry and sweet wine.

This is my view on Two Tuns. The colour is inviting with its deep crimson body, intense nose of sweet spice, crushed red fruits on the initial nose with darker rich black fruits coming through. It all comes through on the palate with a good length, nice firm tannins and fab fresh acidity. Showing it can age much further.

Very excited to have had the opportunity to taste this wine and feel really privileged.

I don’t know how many bottles are left but if you do get the opportunity to taste I recommend you do.

Guy has obviously taken it one step further and has grown his own vineyard here in Somerset! Guy and Laura are concentrating on sparkling wine but also produced a superb still wine as mentioned at the beginning.

This is inspirational so, next time your chatting with friends down the pub over a pint about that pipe dream idea if you really want to make it happen you can!

Note to self… Push forward with the lazy straw! You heard it here first! : )