Tastings and Committee Meeting

Its been a really busy time for the Wine Tasting Co at present and lots has been happening!

We have 2 new additions to the team, one a being an engine white van variety and the other being a very lovely Diana Lyalle, who is Advanced WSET trained and came top of her class! You will be able to read more about Diana on the About us page!

We have been busy attending shows such as Compton House in Axbridge, The North Somerset Womens Show in Cadbury, along side this we have been doing our normal private and corporate tastings with the public network wine tasting which was a success and had over 30 people attend. The room was buzzing with business links and wine!

Yesterday, I attended a committee meeting for the WOEWSA this being the West of England Wine and Spirit Association. I have since been co opted on to the committee to support the website and to move the social media of the group forward.

The WOEWSA was set up in 1966 and the main purpose of the organisation was and still is to provide high quality wine education, fun learning opportunities in the form of tastings, tours of wine growing regions and to keep you up to date with the worlds wine news. It is for those people in the wine trade and for those who have a keen interest in wine.

I joined last year as I set up my own wine tasting company and wanted to know what else is going on in the area so that I too, could further my knowledge and training with like minded people

Having attended the meeting yesterday I feel very excited as in the room there is a wealth of knowledge and experience. With no less than 3 MW’s (and yes I do bow down unashamedly to their superior knowledge) and people who have been in the trade for many years and who’s parents and grandparents where also in the trade! I’m looking forward to interviewing people and finding out a funny story or two. I will edit it for public viewing.

Already this year members have visited the Douro, The Fingers Lakes New York and Lebanon with trips planned next year for Alsace and New Zealand. Not to mention all the tastings that have been held including the one last night at Bordeaux Quay which was a flight of Chateau de la Riviere.

Hamish Wakes-Miller hosted the evening and talked us through the wines starting with their new 2010 white blend of sauvignon blanc and sauvignon gris which was fresh zesty showing lots of green apples and grapefruit. We then went on to taste the 2008 through to 2004, the 2008 was a scrumptious big wine with a gorgeous colour and nose of deep black fruits and damsons. My favourite of the night was the 2004, great earthy nose with a silky smooth feel and soft integrated tannin.

If you are in the wine trade or a wine enthusiast and would like to join or find out more then please click on this link. www.westofengland-wsa.co.uk