Thank Goodness for Wonder Woman!

This particular blog makes no reference to wine, I just felt the need to share my morning antics with you.

I packed my gym bag last night as I do most nights for my 7 am gym session, which I have been doing for many years. I’ve yet to achieve that six pack, but that’s not the reason I go, its so that I can eat cake…

I pride myself on the fact I can pack an overnight bag in seconds, know what I need and not forget anything.

Whist packing the bag I opted for my “wonder woman pants” Why? Because I sometime wear these if I feel the need for a little motivation. Some people may have a lucky gem  I have Wonder Woman. Bag packed, lunch packed, I’m feeling smug with myself.

In my self righteous running stride I suddenly remember! Arrgh! Its Wednesday, my Riverside Inn Business Network Meeting! I can’t believe I forgot. 7 Am it starts and I’m at the gym. After thoughts of arriving in my gym kit nearly an hour late the harsh fact is clear, I will phone Di apologising profusely for my stupidity! I run on but with a guilty feeling!

In the shower I go, I have bought with me the empty facial wash.

No need to worry I’ll have Wonder Woman on soon and all will be at peace with the world. Ummm.. That’s what you think.

I have bought two pairs of socks and not one bra. ( I was only chatting with a woman the other day, I believe my words were “To forget my bra would be the worst thing I could forget” She at this point had forgotten her entire suit for work).

On goes the rather damp sports bra. I have no choice! I have to be in Bristol for 9.30am.

Pull on my jeans… I’ve forgotten my belt!

Its ok I have Wonder Woman and my make up bag.  I head to the mirror to find a nice juicy spot on the side of my nose! Where did that come from??? The concealer can just cope. I reach for the magic eye liner that helps my eyes look bright, the end had snapped off and I have no pencil sharpener.

So at this point, I’m feeling guilty for missing the meeting, smelly from the sports bra, spotty from the spot, the typical builder stance from my jeans and eyes that could do with a rest…

All this before 8.30am…..But its ok, I smile, laugh and know that all is right with the world for the one thing I did remember was, Wonder Woman!