Saturday Tasting Bench – 2nd March

Saturday 2nd March 2024

This Saturday we are tasting a widely grown white grape, that is used for the famous Marsala wine produced on the western side of the island. There are different clones of Catarratto grape and this wine is produced with rare and rediscovered clone, Catarratto Lucido.

Cortese Nostrum Catarratto Lucido £16.99 Organically grown and harvested early morning which retains the backbone of acidity in the wine. Rested on its lees for five months giving a lovely texture to the wine, touches of white peach, almond notes, herbs and nutmeg.

A word from Stefano and Marina. ‘Our inspiration for the Catarratto Lucido design is the donkey. Donkeys are part of Sicily’s viticultural tradition. As man’s work partner, they used to be a common sight in the vineyards, representing the soul of working in the fields – the source of life and wealth.’

Pop in for a Taste of Sicilian Sunshine!