Celebrating Sicily For March!

For the Month of March we are celebrating the wines of Sicily and discovering the native grapes. Sicily is a beautiful island that offers diversity through its complex volcanic soil structure, mirco climates and the raw grape in which it is made. Each Saturday Tasting Bench will be dedicated to exploring Sicilian wines.

We are concentrating on a winery nestled in the southern corner, Azienda Agricola Cortese which was once owned by a formidable matriarch, Lady Giovanna Cortese. She decided to sell as unable to work the land and passed the reigns to husband and wife team Stefano and Marina. The couple knew the potential the vineyard had for producing high quality wines, combined with their ethos for organic viticulture and low intervention winemaking their wines really reflect the essence of Sicily.

Make sure you pop in on Saturday through March to discover Sicilian grapes!