Help, the family are coming!

Dear Santa,

Thank you for taking the time to read my last letter found here and thank you for reading this one too!

As you know, I have the family coming this Christmas and I need help with presents and what to drink over the festive period. I went to the Winscombe Late Night Opening last night and really got in to the festive spirit, the whole village was out.

I visited the Wine Shop and they had some lovely apple aperitifs, from Somerset Cider Brandy, two different apples making two different drinks for the sweet and dry lover. Kingston Black £13.99 is the sweeter one ideal for apple desserts and I’m thinking this will suit my great cousin Hilary, whereas the the drier style would be perfect for her husband, Pomona £13.99 aged in barrel and delicious with cheese. The Wine Shop can put them in a double gift box £2.50 which means no wrapping, they have got that covered.

The other essential tipple for after Christmas dinner is of course Port, which was also on taste last night, The cheeky little pair of Ruby Dum £15.99 and Tawny Dee £15.99. I can’t decide and not sure what everyone’s tastes are, so thinking I may just go both. Tawny Dee has, dried fruits with figs and caramel notes, yummy with a box of Christophers Chocolates (£6.99 – £24.99) whereas the Ruby Dum has that big red fruits and a great match with stilton.

I noticed they had a range of Tawny Ports aged 10yrs through to 40yrs – One of these will be perfect for my Father in law… whereas the Mother in law, that is a whole different kettle of fish, one that needs some serious thought we need to make sure we stay in her good books. She loves gin, and there is huge variety of gins, and gin gifts, including glass wear, different botanicals to enhance the gin and of course not forgetting a gift voucher for the up coming gin tastings. I think I need to pop back to The Wine Shop to get more advice on selecting her gift.

Uncle Sam, is coming which I’m really excited about, he is seen as the reprobate of the family, but I think he is great, always got a good story to tell of his adventures and travels which is why he needs something a bit different. He loves Rum and along with a range of Rums they have Bonpland Blanc Rum and the Bonpland Rouge Rum £36.99 they are both made from a blend of five different Caribbean countries then matured in Ex Bourbon casks. The Blanc is finished off in Chardonnay barrels, smooth creamy texture, vanilla fruit peach depth of flavour and long length and the Rouge is ex Pinot Noir Casks a complex richness style with layers of chocolate and red berries.

I’m very much aware we haven’t touched on wines to enjoy throughout the day, but here is a link to the Wine Shops Top 20 to have a think about and not forgetting their ready made Christmas case.

Must dash for now, I need to order the turkey crown from Clive at Winscombe’s butchers!

Thanks again and I’ll be in touch soon to sort out Christmas wines and Fizz!