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This is The Wine Tasting Co. blog page, here you will find regular updates on what we’ve been up to and interesting points of discussion, read on.

Paul Cluver Estate

Paul Cluver Estate is a family run business with Paul and Songevi at the head of the family and their 3 daughters and one son working hard to produce quailty wine. You will find them in the Elgin Valley east of Cape Town which gives a cool climate, great for Pinot Noir! Their 2008 Pinot […]

We will still have summer evenings!

I believe we will still have summer evenings to enjoy a glass of rose in the garden. So how is Rose made? There are three ways and it isn’t blending red and white wine together, however, the blending of red and white for the base wine of Champagne is allowed before it goes through the […]

If you like to dabble…

If you like to dabble with dessert wine then try this scrumptious Recioto di Soave from Coffele. The colour alone is divine! It reminded me of a field of sunflowers! A nose of honey and orange and the it carried on to the palate with a delicate burnt orange lingering finish. Delicious!

Size Matters!

Size Matters! Magnum 2 bottles Jeroboam 4 bottles Rehoboam 6 bottles Methuselah 8 bottles Salmanzar 12 bottles Baithazar 16 bottles Nebuchadnezzar 20 bottles

What’s the Grape?

What’s the Grape? Do you know what grape variety makes Chablis? Chardonnay Many people are surprised to learn that this wine white shows high acidity green fruit flinty characteristicsis made from Chardonnay. This grapetakes its name from the village in Maconnais in Burgundy but is now well established all over the world, it can produce […]

What’s been happening in the world of wine?

What’s been happening in the world of wine? Big news as you may have already heard is the en primeur for Bordeaux 2009! They have now been tried and tested and the verdict for the 2009 vintage is out! The big question: Is it as impressive as the 2005? It would appear that the vintage […]

Welcome to the Newsletter first edition.

Hello and welcome to the Newsletter first edition. This is the first edition of the Wine Tasting Company Newsletter so if there are things that you would like to hear more about or discuss then please just pop me an email so that I can get it in to future newsletters… Being British we love […]