We will still have summer evenings!

I believe we will still have summer evenings to enjoy a glass of rose in the garden.

So how is Rose made? There are three ways and it isn’t blending red and white wine together, however, the blending of red and white for the base wine of Champagne is allowed before it goes through the second fermentation in the bottle.

Vin Gris
The grapes are pressed as soon as they come in to the winery so there is little contact with the grape skins. This is the same process to make white wine and the result is pale rose.

The juice will be kept in contact with the skin to impart more colour and tannin.

Saignee Method
This is a by product of red wine making. The bleeding off of free run juice from the maceration process of red wine. The purpose of this is allowing more skin contact with the remainding juice allowing for improved red wine.

Pour yourself a glass before we hit the Autumn!