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This is The Wine Tasting Co. blog page, here you will find regular updates on what we’ve been up to and interesting points of discussion, read on.

Monday Morning Moment

“Gentleman, in the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe, we may as well drink a glass of Champagne” Paul Claudel (1868-1955)

Step 2 – Nosing the Wine

It is often thought that the smelling of the wine is the most important aspect of assessing the wine To ensure you get the best out of your wine swirl it around the glass to allow the aromas and character of the wine to open up. What your looking for are faults such as cork […]

Step 1 – What is there to see in a wine?

So why look at a wine before tasting? Your looking for faults in the wine, checking it is clear and not cloudy. Fill the glass a third of the way, tilt the glass at 45 degree angle so that you can see the surface of the wine from the centre body all the way to […]

Riesling Tasting

I have a few friends that get together and taste wine as and when we can meet. Last night we tasted a few Rieslings from old and new world. Old being the European countries and new being countries such as New Zealand, America and Australia. I love the Riesling grape and I have to say […]

Decanted the Barolo.

I decanted the Barolo to allow it time to breath for most of the day. It was a gorgeous brick red with a real pungent meaty nose with so much going on, black fruits liquorice sweet clove and rose. It was well balanced with juicy acidity and ripe firm tannins… It needs food.

Phylloxera. You what!

Phylloxera. You what! This nasty louse was the cause of disaster and destruction in the 19th Century across Europe. The European vine known as vinifera could not stand up to this louse eating through its roots and exposing them to bacteria and fungi resulting in decay and disease. This changed viticulture practices all over Europe. […]