Welcome to the Newsletter first edition.

Hello and welcome to the Newsletter first edition. This is the first edition of the Wine Tasting Company Newsletter so if there are things that you would like to hear more about or discuss then please just pop me an email so that I can get it in to future newsletters…

Being British we love to talk about the weather! So I’ve decided rather than talk about the British weather I’d talk British Wine! And for the record our sparkling is very good so watch out Champagne! Our Sparkling Wine is so good in fact I hear the Queen gives her guests a particular English Sparkling called Nyetimber! And as my Mother turned 60 last month I thought well if its good enough for the Queen its good enough for my mother! We popped the cork and mothers verdict was…. “it’s lovely!” Phew it met mothers expectations!

Nyetimber 2001 cuvee (meaning blend) really is gorgeous with a nose of honey a medium body offering fruit and hints of brioche. Nyetimber is based in Sussex Hampshire and has had several owners it is currently owned by a Dutch entrepreneur Eric Heerema. The Manor House of Nyetimber was once gifted to Anne of Cleves by Henry VIII although she never took up residence!

The real sparkling history of Nyetimber started in 1988 with an American couple who discovered the geological similarities to that of Champagne in France. It the was then sold to the song writer Andy Hill who co wrote the Euro Vision song “Making Your mind Up” For group Bucks Fizz!…. Umm I wonder where the name came from!? Throughout the many changes of Nyetimber one thing has stayed the same and that is the blend to make the cuvee. The grapes used in this blend is the same blend used in Champagne in France.

Chardonnay (White Grape)
Pinot Noir (Black grape)
Pinot Meunier (Black grape)
They also make what’s called a Blanc de Blanc. This is where they just use the white grape Chardonnay!

Next time you buy a bottle of Sparkling and they are using the Champagne blend you know what grapes will be in it! If its just Blanc de Blanc its just Chardonnay!

Over time we will explore other sparkling bubbles from other parts of the world and what grapes are used! such as Spanish Cava! Also the different methods used to get those bubbles in your bottle!