Stories of Passion

The Pasqua brothers establish their business producing wines in Veneto, it wasn’t long before investment began in vineyards and a bottling plant. Now in the second generation the brothers Carlo, Giogio and Umberto run the company and have started new ventures in exporting. Lucky us!

In the 1980’s an agriculture estate called Cecillia Beretta was established for viticulture research which cooperates with universities on projects relating to vines, grape varieties and grafting.

It still has a great connection with the traditions of Veneto wines and coupled with innovation and passion, research continues making excellent and award winning wine.

It goes without saying we sell their Valpolicella, Valpolicella Ripasso and Amarone and along side these the family have dedicated a trio of wines. These wines are dedicated to Verona and to one of the legends that have made it famous in the world…Romeo and Juliet.

Three thousand love notes tell stories of passion can be found in the courtyard of Juliet’s house in Via Mazzini, where it overlooks the famous “Juliet’s balcony”. One of the most visited destinations in the city, the signatures of visitors adorn the home of the most famous lovers in the world.

1passiA photo taken by Giò Martorana, Unesco Prize for Photography, which portrays the daily messages left by lovers on the walls of the famous Courtyard is the label for these wines.

Prosecco Treviso £10.99 – The glera grape (aka prosecco) are picked in the hills of Treviso. A mouth watering youthful fruity sparkling wine that is beautifully fresh and well balanced.

The white and red wines named Passione e Sentimento translates to Passion and Feeling.

They both receive the appassimento method of winemaking, where the grapes are picked then dried out on straw matts to concentrate the aromas and sugars.

Passione e Sentimento Bianco £9.99 – Made with the garganega grape which is the grape that makes Soave. Part of the wine is aged in barrel to add complexity and part is stainless steel to maintain those crisp flavours. A well balanced wine full of citrus fruit, peaches, almonds with a luscious lingering finish.

Passione e Sentimento Rosso £9.99 – A blend of three grapes, one being the traditional Valpolicella grape corvina blended with merlot, hand harvest in the hills of Valpantena. The dried grapes intensifies the wine and with three months in oak it gives rich berry fruits a hint of spice with velvet tannins and a long finish.