Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin 40% ABV, 70cl

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One third rhubarb. Two-thirds sunlight and laughter. Pink only by Mother Nature, the world’s first Rhubarb Gin. Drink different. Serve with a premium Ginger Ale, a slice of orange and friends; or a Mediterranean Tonic, blood orange and laughter at sunset.

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We’ve had it substantiated legally that, in modern day gin production, we were the first rhubarb gin! Liqueurs existed, but there was no full-strength gin. When Fever-Tree began serving this with their ginger ale, we found that a lot of non gin drinkers aren’t fans of tonic, but loved this easy cocktail!

There are a lot of “pink gins” in the market at the moment, all riding on the wave of the success of our glorious Rhubarb Gin. However, pink is not a flavour! Our Rhubarb Gin just happens to be naturally pink in colour. Traditionally, a “pink gin” is flavoured with Bitters.

What makes our Rhubarb Gin unique is that one third of each bottle is pure pressed rhubarb juice. The juice is extremely difficult to work with, as it has excessive amounts of pectin and any chef will tell you loses its colour extremely quickly. We went through some big learnings trying to make this recipe!

The recipe was originally inspired by a crop of rhubarb from a crown estate that was reportedly Queen Victoria’s root stock. The gin was meant to be a limited edition, and was originally called Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb Gin, where now we are more simply Warner’s Rhubarb Gin. We no longer use the original regal crop, as demand has outstripped supply: last year we had to get our hands on 400 tonnes of real rhubarb, and are now growing some on our farm, working towards our ambition to become self-sufficient in the future.

It would be so much cheaper and exponentially easier to use “flavourings and essences” like most of the other rhubarb gins and pink gins on the market, but that is against everything we believe in. We believe that using the best ingredients and process – although it makes it harder to make – creates a scintillating liquid with a fantastic narrative behind it.

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