Premium Angeline California Wine Case (6 Bottles)


This premium wine case shows why California is on the quality wine map of the world.

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This premium wine case shows why California is on the quality wine map of the world. Here we have three different wines showing the character of the classic individual grapes, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. The diverse microclimate of the region allows the diversity of wines produced from Pinot Noir the delicate light skinned grape that needs that strong wind (click here to see the strength of that wind) to thick skinned cabernet sauvignon needing that warm California sunshine to ripen to get those classic rich cassis notes!

As for Chardonnay, this is often misunderstood but yet so versatile and able to grow in cool, warm and hotter climates. This premium grape also soaks up what the winemaker chooses within their winemaking process from cool stainless steel fermentation, lees ageing to gentle oak ageing.

2 x Angeline California Chardonnay

The grapes are from carefully selected vineyards from areas such as Santa Barbara County, the Russian River Valley, and the western reaches of Mendocino County in order to promote the full potential of our Chardonnay’s aroma and palate. A full flavoured chardonnay with balanced freshness from the French and American oak ageing. Fresh pear green apple notes with lemon custard tart and a creamy texture with a full finish.

2 x Angeline California Cabernet Sauvignon

Although the North Coast has traditionally set the standard for Cabernet Sauvignon, pockets of distinction have risen throughout the coastal regions of the state from areas close to our own home, such as Sonoma Valley, to as far south as Monterey and Paso Robles. By integrating the diverse characteristics from each of these regions and their vineyards, we are proud to present an effortlessly approachable Cabernet that we feel represents the full potential of our state to produce world-class wines. Rich notes of cassis, wild blueberry and blackberry with toasted oak, subtle anise and touches of cacao and vanilla on the finish.

2 x Angeline Reserve Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

The Reserve Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is the embodiment of all of the favourite characteristics from one of the most acclaimed Pinot Noir growing regions in the state. Notes of juicy red fruit accompanied by hints of baking spices make this a hallmark Russian River Pinot Noir. The grapes are hand picked selecting only the best fruit which is then aged in new French oak barrels resulting in vibrant acidity with ripe cherry juice, raspberry coulis, and toasted cherry bark, with subtle notes of brown sugar, cedar, and soft, silky tannins.