Sherry Week Festival …… 8th -14th October

One word to describe Sherry….. Awesome!

Which is why we are getting involved in Sherry Festival week to share the delights it has to offer. From bone dry, fresh and zesty through to scrumptiously lusciously sweet, perfect for drizzling over ice cream plus it has everything in between!

Don’t leave Sherry just for Grandma and don’t think it is just for that traditional Christmas tipple.

Come and get involed……..

Throughout the week we will be showing different styles of Sherry where The Saturday tasting bench will be dedicated to Sherry.

Along with Saturday Sherry Tasting Bench we will be hosting a Sherry and Tapas night, for more details and booking on click here and we will be hosting a Sherry Festival Night, full of colour Sherry and Cocktails find out more here.