Organic and Low Sulphur Wine Tasting

I’m really excited to show off the new range of Organic, some Bio dynamic, and all Low Sulphur wines. At the tasting last night we started with the Fleur de L’ Europe Champagne, which was enjoyed by everyone. This champagne is really tasty full of flavour, with the typical warm bready flavours but with tones of fruit and delicate honeysuckle notes to accompany.

The best bit about my job (not to mention the ‘tasting’ of wine) is getting people to taste a wine they say they don’t like and then get pleasure from it. That is what this Champagne did. A guest had stated they didn’t like anything with bubbles but would of course give it a taste and surprised himself with how much he enjoyed it. The smoothness and delicate bubbles and the complex flavours really set the evening off well.

We went on to taste a zippy Gruner Veltliner from Austria, a Viura from Navarra which was bursting with tropical fruits, melons and pears! One that stood out for me and the highlight of the night was the tasty savouriness of the Sauvignon Blanc which really is a foodie wine. It was suggested that this wine would be an ideal match to a roast pork dish, with the salty crackling.

Moving on to the reds we went from a luscious berry wine from Spain all the way through to a gold winning Malbec from Jean Bousquet from Argentina.

All the wines are now in stock so pop in and have a browse.