Old World vs New World – Friday 6th March

This is a heading for a wine tasting that is always intriguing whether you are a novice or well sourced in the fermented world of grapes. What do we mean when we refer to old and new? Old world is classed as wine regions such as France, Spain, Italy and Germany, whereas the new world wine making countries are classed as Australia, America, New Zealand etc.

The tasting is where we look at either a single grape or a classic blend and taste the same style side by side from two different wine regions, comparing and contrasting. Will we find a difference between the wines or not? If we do then why?

Get your passports ready we are going on a round the world trip.

Date Friday 6th March

Time 7.00 – 9.00

Ticket £18.00

Book Call 01934 708312

Please refer to T&C’S when booking