No hold ups on this M5..well..?

Another sunny day which only means one thing! I’m off to Oatley where the sun always shines!

Its the first time I’ve been for a month and lots seems to have happened in such a short time. Buds have burst, replacement vines planted and open tasting days have started!

New replacement vine

From the picture you can see the new vine has been planted and has green wax over it. This wax is holding in place the American rootstock and the Kernling vitis vinifera that has been grafted on to it.

The next pruning was to take place on the early ripening grape Madeline Angevine. This makes the wine, Jane’s that some of you may have tasted on one of the wine tastings I have given. Before pruning commenced I had to take a look at K5 (Row 5 of Kernling) to see the buds, my first row of pruning.

K5 Bud burst

I was working with Jane today as Iain was busy with clients visiting the vineyard and buying wine.

I watched Jane and she showed me the ways of pruning the Madeline, this seemed easier to that of the Kernling. The system used is spur pruning, which is where there is permanent wood along the wire and new shoots grow vertically each year. Iain had cut last years wood with an electric cutter making it much easier as this is a tough job, this then leaves shorter canes to tackle.

This pruning must have been easier as before I would get through only one row of vines whereas today I did 2! One of them being M5 (Row 5 of Madeline Angevine). I’d like to say there weren’t any hold ups on this M5 but half way through Iain had made coffee so we did have a minor hold up.

M5 Row 5 Madeline Angevine

As I mentioned Oatley are now open for visitors. I’ll be going down this Bank Holiday Monday 25th to prune and meet people so if you would like to pop down taste it would be great to see you. Be sure to bring your cheque book, one taste and you’ll be sure to want to buy a case. Here are directions.

Look forward to seeing you there!