Help – Count Down to the Arrival of the Family!

Dear Santa,

Thanks again for taking the time to read this being so close to Christmas! In fact a week today is Christmas day…. As you know the whole family are coming to us and of course that includes the Mother and the Mother in Law.. eek! So I need to get some last minute gifts, and plenty of liquids to keep them lubricated – for sedation purposes and out of the kitchen.

Therefore a trip to the Wine Shop is essential.I was going to start Christmas morning with Henriot Blanc de Blanc as it’s on a great offer, from £54.99 to £39.99, however at the tasting bench at The Wine Shop we got to try Niepoort Dry White Port £15.99 with tonic, ice and a slice and wow that was so tasty, so torn as to which one to serve? As you know Nana Vera does like a Port so I think I’ll do both.

Keeping the family tradition we have to do the classic prawn cocktail, with crunchy iceberg lettuce, Guy Saget Muscadet £10.49 is the white wine I’ll go for as this goes well with the salmon blinis I’ll serve for nibbles before hand.

The main event, classic Christmas turkey, so many choices, I’ve had a look through The Wine Shops Top 20 wines and think I should go for the following Gran Passione Blanco £12.99 a blend of garganega and Pinot Blanco, part aged in barrel and stainless steel. A beautiful floral wine with hints of vanilla ripe fresh fruit with a vibrant acidity. I’m also tempted to go with a real treat Chateau Montelena Chardonnay £54.99 The iconic Chardonnay that put Napa wines in the spot light. Showing so much depth of flavour, honey notes blossom, with just a gentle touch of oak. Rich smooth and buttery with a wonderful finish, I will keep this away from Uncle Roger, I’m not saying he won’t appreciate it, but he does like a whisky for a mid morning snack. I remember one Christmas when I was about 10 he fell asleep and I thought it would be nice to practice with my new face paints on him, I’m sure he was pleased with the overall result.For the red wine drinkers amongst the family there has to be a classic Bordeaux keep father in law happy, this will certainly fit the bill, Château de Braude Haut Medoc, France £24.99 a mouth watering full bodied Cru Bourgeois from the Haut Medoc in Bordeaux. Rich black cherry, plums and cassis with deeper notes of leather and spice. An elegant wine with structured tannins and length. I’m liking the sound of Birichino Old Vine Grenache, California £26.99 something a bit different but will be stunning with turkey. Shows the elegance and vibrancy of the grenache grape from over 100 year old vines. Natural yeasts aged in French oak floral, red berry fruits spice.

Having a sweet tooth it’s all about me on this choice, Nectar PX £16.99 The sweetest of sherries, that is rich and smooth full of caramel dried fruits with figs mocha dried fruits and nuts. This is perfect for desserts and pouring over ice cream!

To make sure the Strictly Come Dancing board game gets in full swing, we need some tasty Christmas treats, Kings Ginger £20.99, Magnum cream liqueur £21.99, oh how about a fancy vermouth from Del Professore £21.99just stunning and will hopefully please the “Mrs Bucket” sister!

Oh my goodness we are running of of time and I need to talk cheese board and Port. The choices are endless thankfully the Wine Shop have that covered with a range of 10 year tawnies through to 40 year olds, Ruby Port, LBV’S and Vintage...

The Wine Shop are open every day right up to and including Christmas eve until 4pm.Thank you for listening Santa, wishing you lots of luck for the next week ahead and if all else fails the gin and whisky shelves are full…. Lets just I hope I don’t burn the turkey and if I do at least the wine will be good!

Many thanks.. off to the Wine Shop I must go xx