Gosset, a great way to start the week!

Gosset was first established in 1584 making it the oldest wine house in Champagne. It is located in the Marne region in the Grand Cru village of Ay, which is perfect for growing pinot noir. Before sparkling wine evolved Pierre Gosset began his wine making life as a producer of red wine. The red wines from Ay were sought after and highly regarded, chardonnay also grew along side pinot noir.

Once bubbles were being made it was natural for Gosset to move in to the world of champagne and create their own sparkling wine. The best grapes are selected and hand harvested and only the first pressed juice is allowed to make the fine Gosset champagne.

Quality is paramount and production is small compared to other famous champagne houses allowing for tradition and giving hands on care with every bottle. This includes the long arduous process of riddling that is carried out by hand. All the champagnes are recently disgorged ensuring you receive the fullest flavour with the fresh crisp acidity.

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Gosset Brut Tasted on a Monday before noon, what a lovely way to start the week!

Tasting note

A full and vibrant nose showing floral notes of honeysuckle, deep tropical fruits with a distinct and rich bouquet of brioche. The palate was just as enjoyable with a rich, full body, gentle delicate bubbles and a refreshing lingering and tasty crisp finish.