French Wine Tasting – 14th July

Oh La la…

We will be exploring the delights of French wines and I have found that people either really love these wines or run the other way.

The reason for running the other way is sometimes because the labels don’t always give information of what style you might expect. They may just say the region of the wine and not explain the grape variety and if the grape was mentioned it may at least help us with the style of wine?!

Don’t give the labelling a hard time, by law they were not allowed to mention the grape variety, that was until 2009 when the law changed to allow the winemakers to mention the grape so that this can help the consumer.

France is a large country that offers so many different styles from the elegant fresh Sancerre’s to the full bodied Chateauneuf du Papes.

Come and enjoy a journey through France!

Date Friday 14th July

Time 7.00 – 9.00

Cost £15

Book Call 01934 708312