Found Treasure

Indiana Jones meets winemaker in lycra are how the wines of Secastilla La Miranda came to be.

secastilla 2Winemaker from Vinas del Vero’s while being a keen cyclist on one of his long journeys up in the hills of Somontano came across an over grown vineyard.

On discovering the vineyard and seeing the possible potential he went down in to the village to find the owner. With a village of approximately 150 people it wasn’t long before he was introduced to an elderly lady Miranda who had tended the vines with her husband. The location of the vineyard was now impossible for them to maintain, however the name of the wines live on in her honour.

Secastilla 1The hidden treasure within this vineyard is very old bush vines garnacha and granacha blanca grapes. The terrior is really what sums up these wines of Secastilla that has three distinct conditions, which is the special climate, mediterranean with continental influences, being high in the foothill hills of the Pyrenees 700 – 800m. Secondly the grapes which have adapted to the poor conditions of the infertile soil, high altitude and the third aspect which is the people who work the vines under strict practices.

The vineyard is full of almond and olive trees that are dispersed between the bush vines and work as part of the eco system on the organic vineyard. The insects found on these trees are the predators to the insects that attack the vines.

secastilla new vines

New vines planted on easier to manage training systems

The poor conditions within these vineyard is really what makes these wines so special and unique, concentrated fruit, great freshness and acidity from the cool nights and breeze.

La Miranda Secastilla £11.99 Made with the bush vine old garnacha shows intense fruit which has been aged for 10 months in french oak, giving well integrated tannins with a smooth and fresh finish

La Miranda Secastilla Garnacha Blanca £11.99 Aged in French oak for 4 months adds texture and creaminess with fresh citrus notes, apples and a long finish.

Alqueza, a village to visit and stay near Secastilla.

Alqueza, a village to visit and stay near Secastilla.