Fetzer. The Earth Friendly Wine

Fetzer winery in Mendocino California are famous for pioneering earth friendly wine. The winery was bought in 1968 and throughout this time have worked in harmony with the environment to protect and preserve. In 1984 they took on a huge commitment of total sustainability in the growing of all their grapes.

They have reduced there landfill wasted by 95%, they were the first in America to use renewable electrical power for all their operations. Fetzer also put on a bus for all the workers so as to reduce traffic. Fetzer winery really are an inspiration! To find out more about there amazing work www.feztzer.com

Last night I tried Fetzer Shiraz 2008. The colour was an inviting ruby red cherry, the nose was subtle red fruits of raspberries, strawberry’s with a hint of clove. This came through on the palate and was a refreshing change to the heavy style of Shiraz. One thing I did notice and I don’t know if this is psychosomatic but it did seem clean fresh and pure!