Corked but saved by the Late harvest

Great way to end the week, good friends, good food and of course good wine. Its topped when you know the host has been busy with the slow cooker and the beef is slowly cooked throughout the day so that by the time it reaches your mouth it just melts.

I took a hearty Argentina Malbec to accompany the scrumptious stew only to open the tasty treat and for it to be corked. Corked wine being a wine fault that gives off that musty wet cardboard smell.

However, not all was lost as it was my job to bring the dessert and having rather a sweet tooth I had the perfect excuse to purchase a dessert wine, to sip along side the raspberry cheesecake I had put together.

This came up trumps, a late harvest sauvignon blanc from Concha y Toro, light, fresh with honey and apricots, delicious!