Compass Box Whisky Tasting – Friday March 3rd

Compass Box Whisky Tasting matched with Local Cheese’s

Every time I taste the whiskies from Compass Box I’m aways excited, they are full of elegance flavour and power. This is why we have dedicated an evening of tasting through Compass Box while tasting local cheeses that work perfectly together.

We will also be having a bit of fun with cocktails to show the diversity of these whiskies.

What makes Compass Box different.. ? John Glaser the whisky maker focuses on creativity and exploring ways in which to enjoy whisky. He wanted to do things differently to bring the joys of Scottish whisky to more people. He believes “Blending is a platform for creativity” – I have to agree!

The most beautiful wines and Champagnes of the world are made through the craftsmanship of blending, it is an art that is learnt through taste and skill.

Come and join us for this evening.

Date: Friday 3rd Match

Time: 7.00 – 9.00pm

Cost £30.00

Book 01934 708312