Celebrating Somerset Day – Saturday 11th May

Growing up in Somerset makes me feel really proud and having a day dedicated to Somerset is great, we would be mad not to get involved! Somerset is famous for apples and its cider production and have fond memories of visiting a cider farm or two with my Dad.

Somerset at that time wasn’t know for growing grapes and making wine, hence I only visited cider farms. Since finding my love of grapes it is really exciting to see vineyards being planted and award winning wine being made.

Somerset day is Saturday 11thMay which coincides with our Saturday Tasting Bench where will be showing the well loved white wine from Sutton Ridge, Bacchus £13.99, along side a debut red wine tasting of Aldwick Estate Regent £16.99. To have a red wine from the UK is really exciting as our climate is perfect to produce quality sparking, white and roses, so in a year that gives us high quality red grapes, we need to make red wine from them, which is what Aldwick Estate have done.

Diana our WSET teacher has just started “A year in a vineyard” with Luke at Sutton Ridge to follow the cycle of a vineyard, check out her second visit here.

Don’t miss this Saturdays Tasting Bench on Saturday 11thMay, celebrating Somerset Day with some stunning Somerset wines.