Bubbles and Fizz… But not Champagne

There are different styles of sparkling wine such as Prosecco, Cava and Crement de Bourgogne and along with the varied style you have a varied price range.
Prosecco would be great for Christmas morning fizz, light and dry. Its completely different to Champagne in grape and the way it is made so don’t look to compare them. For those of you not aware, Prosecco is the grape and is made in Veneto North Italy by the charmat method. 
The reason I suggest Procesco for a morning fizz is that it is refreshing and goes perfectly with pastries.
When looking at the range of Proseccos go for one that is labelled Conegliano – Valdobbiadene. This is now a DOCG area which ensures the quality of the wine your receiving.
The Prosecco I have chosen for my morning fizz and pre dinner bubbles is from the Nino Franco range called Rustico and retails at around £12.95.
Crement de Bourgogne is fantastic value for money and great flavour. It is made in Burgundy so comes as no surprise when the grapes used are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The method used is the traditional champagne method, although due to the EU Law will only state Traditional Method on the label.
The style I enjoy most is Blanc de Blanc made only from the Chardonnay grape. You will also find Blanc de Blanc on Champagne labels and is also made from Chardonnay. You get the vivacious freshness, body and toasty notes. You can source Crement de Bourgogne for under £15.
Other descriptions are Crement de Bourgogne Blanc is Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and Crement de Bourgogne Blanc de Noir is made with Pinot Noir.