A little bit of Spain

Spain is a wonderful holiday destination which offers sun kissed beaches all the way through to stunning mountain ranges. With such a landscape it comes as no surprise, that it gives us such a diverse style of wine. Reds, roses, whites, sparkling and not forgetting the unique and glorious world of Sherry from Jerez Southern Spain.

A popular wine is Rioja which gets its name from the Rioja region in Northern Spain. Here you will find young, red fruit driven Crianza to the scrumptious mouth watering aged Gran Reserva. Rioja is famous for its reds but also does a fantastic job in producing white wine.

Moving to the west coast we discover the beautiful area of Rias Baixas that produces some of the best dry white wine with the Albarino grape. With its dry crisp acidity it is a perfect match to seafood and if you are sometimes left wondering what to match with Asian food, then this is perfect.

This is just a sample of what Spain has offer, so I urge you that the next time your perusing the wine shelf, ponder a little longer over Spain. Whilst you taste you can sit, relax and remember your warm holiday or perhaps plan a little jaunt?