Tasting Ideas

New Worlds vs Old World

Here we look at a range of grape varieties and taste what both sides of the hemisphere has to offer. There is often debate on which side is better, whether its the old world such as France and Spain or the New World offerings from New Zealand and Australia. People often have pre conceived ideas about what they like but why don’t you let your taste buds do the deciding!

Classic Wines

There are wines that are thought of as the classic wines of the world and which many winemakers around the world have used these wines as benchmarks. Such as a classic Southern Rhone blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre (GSM) or a Bordeaux Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This is a great tasting to get an idea of classic grapes and wines.

Trip around the World

This is a tasting to explore what wine countries around the world have to offer, whether it is well known for pioneering a grape such as Argentina with Malbec or something a little more off the beaten track. Where would you find Aragonez? Pick a Country Whether your in love with a country for its food, culture or because you have visited it and brings back happy memories. You may have a thirst to find out more about it and want to discover its hidden treasures. Whatever your reason pick a country or a region of your choice and lets get tasting!

Champagne and Sparkling

What a heavenly way to spend a couple of hours but by sipping on bubbles! Taste your way through the different styles of sparkling wine and how its made. See if you can tell the difference between Champagne and award winning English Sparkling? This would be a great opportunity to taste vintage Champagne from some of the famous houses such as Dom Perignon.

Wine and Chocolate

Love wine love chocolate then this is just for you! This is a true taste sensation of all things delicious. We take chocolate that is tailored to match wine and blow any myths out the water, white wine with chocolate? Can it work?

Cheese and Wine

A pure classic and what better part of the world to taste cheese with wine then Somerset and using a local dairy from Cheddar called Times Past. They make a large range of cheeses that will suit the discerning cheese lover and we match them with delicious wines!

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