Wine Tasting By Post (7 Bottles)



Have a wine tasting posted direct to your door for your family and friends gathering.

Your parcel includes seven wines which are selected to show different styles of wine, not just the different between red and white, but the differences within the red and white range. Often people say they prefer either white or red, but it might just be that they haven’t found the right style within the red and white for them?

With so many different grapes and countries to discover, this case is a great place to start and makes a great gift.

It gives you the opportunity to enjoy classics as well as being introduced to new wines, getting a better understanding of how food effects wine and what works well together.

A tasty way of spending an evening together! 

Your tasting parcel contains

  • The wine (1x Sparkling, 2 x White, 3 x Red and 1 x Sweet)

  • Tasting notes

  • Steps by step instructions on how to taste wine

  • Relevant key points, serving suggestions to help you go through your tasting and get the best out of the wine.

  • Food suggestions.

Not included are tasting glasses or food.