Thatchers Orchard Brandy


Double distilled from cider crafted from two of our favourite apple varieties, Katy and Redstreak, then matured in very special oak barrels previously used for Bordeaux wines, the result is a smooth and intense brandy that has hints of crisp toasted apple and vanilla.



A limited number of bottles of Orchard Brandy are being produced, just 1054.

Thatchers Orchard Brandy has an abv of 42%.

Richard Johnson, our head cider maker says,

“The combination of Katy’s subtle sweetness and Redstreak’s bold character in our unique apple spirit results in a smooth and aromatic brandy that delights the senses.

“Our cider is distilled twice before being matured for a year in sought after oak barrels from Bordeaux. This maturation process smooths the already stunning flavours that have been created by both the award-winning cider making and distillation processes. As the brandy matures, it slowly and meticulously absorbs the rich flavours from the wine barrels.”

Richard continues, “Only the pure middle “cut” of the distillation is used in Thatchers Orchard Brandy, resulting in an exceptional taste in every bottle.

“Our brandy has a crisp, sweet toasted apple aroma, which flows into sweet tobacco, creamy vanilla and baked apple notes, with a hint of cedar, and a smooth caramel apple finish inviting you to the next sip.”

The result is a sophisticated and indulgent brandy, created by masters of their craft, perfect for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Thatchers Orchard Brandy sits alongside Orchard Cut Gin in Thatchers speciality range of apple spirits.

“We know our apples inside out,” concludes Richard, “and there’s no finer distillers than the masters at English Spirit Distillery. This partnership is simply a new way of exploring the delights of the apples we grow here at Myrtle Farm.”