Discover the diversity of Vinho Verde Wine Case (6 Bottle)


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Portugal`s northern Atlantic coastal region of Minho shares much in common with it`s northern Spanish neighbour, Galicia.The Minho is a green coastal region, often shrouded in mist, where the grey granite soils support a wide variety of various localised grape varieties. There are around 60,000 hectares of vines planted in Minho. Many of these are dedicated to Vinho Verde, the country’s largest DOC. Vinho Verde is typically a fresh style of wine that translates to `young wine`. There are different grapes grown in this region and this looks at the diversity within this region.

AB Valley Wines was formed in 2016 by renowned winemaker Antonio Sousa and Bernardo Lencastre. Their idea was to make wines which showcase the indigenous grape varieties of the region with the terroir of Vinhos Verde`s sub region of Amarante. The terroir is ideal for grape growing; Amarante is protected from the influence of the Atlantic and has a high average altitude, higher temperatures than the regional average and the hottest summers overall. These conditions favour the development of late-maturing varieties such as Azal and Avesso.

2 x Loureiro Vinho Verde

Loureiro is a fragrant and expressive grape variety; Loureiro means `laurel` due to the similar aroma of the berries to the laurel tree. This fresh and zesty wine has notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, acacia, apple and white peach.

2 x Azal Vinho Verde AB Valley Wines

This Azal has delicate floral and citrus notes on the nose. The palate is very fresh with a zingy acidity and notes of green apple, white peach, grapefruit and a hint of elderflower.

2 x Arinto Vinho Verde AB Valley Wines

A pale lemon-green in colour with a fresh and zesty bouquet on the nose. The palate is light, dry and bursting with grapefruit and lemon fruits combined with an acacia and chamomile character. The crisp acidity gives the wine a lively freshness and an elegant impression on the finish.