De Bortoli Wine Tasting Case (6 Bottle)

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Meet Mother and daughter team Leanne and Kate from De Bortoli wines here

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1924 saw Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli carry their dreams of a better life from the alpine foothills of Italy’s north to the fertile Riverina region in New South Wales, Australia. Vittorio left to start a foundation for their new life together while Giuseppina worked in France as a maid to earn enough to pay for her travels fours years later. Through hard work, self-sufficiency, determination and vision they achieved their dream and established a lasting legacy.

An exciting new chapter in the De Bortoli Wines story is now underway as the fourth generation of the family begins to come of age. “Now the first five of us have reached adulthood, our parents are eagerly waiting to see what each of us will bring back to the company from our own experiences,”says Kate Webber, daughter of Leanne De Bortoli and Steve Webber and the eldest of the “Fourth Genners”. “And,”her younger sister Sally adds,“With eight more fourth genners still to come, the possibilities are endless.” Click here to find out a little more about Leanne and Kate

De Bortoli’s philosophy is that great wine begins in the vineyard and should reflect the region where the grapes that made it are grown. Achieving this must involve both vineyard and winery. Handpicked and berry selection is used along side natural fermentation to show the character of the vineyard as well as the grape.

 1 x De Bortoli Regional Reserva Chardonnay – 75cl

A lovely fresh chardonnay with all the fruit from the premium Yarra Valley with a touch of old oak and gentle lees stirring that gives it it a lovely softness. Citrus fruits with lemon, white peach and a lovely nuttiness. This will be lovely with roast chicken.

1 x La Boheme Act 3 Pinot Gris – 75cl

Delicately handpicked to ensure berry perfection. This Pinot Gris is oozing with lemons and limes, citrus fruits, white flower and a touch of spice. It really is very tasty and will match several foods, from Thai dishes through to seafood.

1 x Single Vineyard Section A5 Chardonnay – 75cl

From vines planted in 1976 (45years old..perfect age some might say!) Elegance and finesse in a glass. Only old oak is used to add texture and a touch of seasoning, resulting in a mineral lead wine, green apples, citrus fruits and hazelnut. It shows a lovely mouth feel, structure bright acidity and a long finish.

1 x De Bortoli Regional Reserva Pinot Noir – 75cl

This pinot noir from the Yarra Valley shows the real vibrant red fruits of the grape. Both handpicked and machine harvest, minimal handling to preserve the fruit. Strawberries, fresh crunchy cranberry with a touch of spice. Perfectly plump and juicy and ideal with lamb chops or to just enjoy.

1 x La Boheme Act 4 Syrah and Gamay – 75cl

A blend of two grapes syrah and gamay and yes, its unusual but it works! Whole bunch fermentation with foot treading to gentle get it started, its then aged for 6 months in old wooden vats. This wine is seriously tasty and super juicy rich in fruits, red berries, lovely soft bramble fruit with a touch of perfume and spice.

1 x Riorret The Abbey Pinot Noir – 75cl

Coming from a single vineyard The Abbey, which is one of Yarra Valleys premium vineyard, the fruit is handpicked with gentle fermentation, aged in used oak to add light seasoning to the wine. A really beautiful wine, showing blueberry fruits, red berry with a touch of smoke, floral sweet spice with a lovely elegant length.

* Please note that due to high demand we may need to substitute wines for that of a similar style and price.