Chew Valley Gin 43% ABV, 70cl


This premium London dry gin is lovingly distilled in small batches using 11 traditional botanicals.

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Our firstborn spirit is a London Dry Gin.

Distilled in batches no more than 44 bottles at a time, We have created our take on the classic London Dry.

Our ingredients are simple, 11 carefully chosen and traditional botanicals, neutral grain spirit and spring water from the Mendip hills. 

Every single bottle is hand distilled in our copper alembic still, hand bottled, hand labelled, hand corked and if you are local, hand-delivered to your door.

Bottled at 43%ABV with a copper cork and labels designed to show our love of the mighty chew valley lake. 

We are very proud to be representing the west country with this premium quality product.  

Meet Joe from Chew Valley Gin