Bitter ‘Berto’ 25% Vol – 100cl


An artisanal essential ingredient for many Italian cocktail recipes.



Production of the ‘Berto’ Bitter began back in the early 1900’s and has been reborn for the modern market to satisfy the world of cocktails and mixology with a product of the highest quality and artisanal authenticity. Gentian root, bitterwood, alpine daisy are the main botanicals in the Bitter and undergo a long infusion in a very high quality grain spirit and giving this liqueur all the characterful bitter tones which are immediately apparent on both the nose and palate.

The bitterness is carefully crafted; intense but very pleasant and well integrated with the various aromatic and sweeter notes of gentian root, wormwood, Alpine daisy, sweet and bitter orange, vanilla and cinnamon, which provide balance and complexity.
Numerous intense and exotic botanicals, such as the bitterwood, give integrity and that inherent, Distilleria Quaglia touch of artisanality to the product, making it a truly outstanding and ‘aristocratic’ Bitter.