Christmas Essentials in a Box

I have found that there are those that love Christmas and those that loath it! Whichever way you swing, wine is usually an integral part of getting through the festive season and over indulging.

It’s a time to pop the cork on fizz, open the special bottle of wine and then relax contentedly with a glass of luscious sweet wine or that big hearty Port…. Oh and always making sure you have a bottle or two for those visitors!

We have the perfect Christmas in a box, all wrapped up for £99!

La Grande Marque Saumer Brut x 2 – A gem from the Loire Valley made with Chenin Blanc in the traditional method. It shows freshness and finesse with scrumptious toasty notes that shows in champagne but with out the price tag! A full bodied wine with a long length.

Ca’di Ponti Catarratto 2010 x 3 – The catarratto grape is ideal suited to the hot climate of Sicily. It is fresh and crisp with tropical fruits and gentle toasty notes followed by a honey richness.

Ca’di Ponti Nero d’Avola 2009 x 3 – It captures the sunshine bouncing from the hillside. It has soft tannins and lots of juicy ripe fruits, red and black cherries. A hint of smokiness and spice. This is an ideal wine to serve with roast meats.

Domaine des Manants Chablis 2009 x 1 – Chablis is famous for its mineral rich wines from the famous soil in which the Chardonnay grape is grown. This is no exception, Jean Marc produces fabulous wines, offering flinty mineral fruit and refreshing acidity.

Gustales Crianza 2007 x 1 – From the DOC Rioja, this is a traditional made crianza. This family run bodega ensures this wine receives the ageing it requires for a wine full of fruit and hints of smoke. Its well structured with a roundness and smooth lingering finish.

Chateau Septy 2007 Monbazillac x 1 – This wine is full bodied and luscious, full of apricots, honey with soft petrol notes. You don’t need an excuse to indulge yourself with this. Fabulous with sweet desserts and blue cheese!

Neipoort LBV 2007 x 1 – An independent family run business since 1842. Aromas of dark plum, blackberries which leads in to a silky smooth texture with firm tannins. Ideal with cheese, chocolate and even steak!

12 Essential Must Haves for £99


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