Laura Evans – Smith and Evans Wine

Name Laura Evans

Job within the wine trade Co owner of Smith and Evans Wines. I’m the Evans!

How long have you been in this role/wine trade? 14 years

What made you want to get in to this area of work and what drives you to stay in it? After 20 years in the film business I felt ready for a new challenge. My husband Guy has always been in the wine trade and we had planned to plant a vineyard later in life but we suddenly decided to just go for it in our 40’s. We both took a few courses at Plumpton Agricultural college in Vineyard management and then started looking for a site in earnest. Five years later, having searched from Kent to Cornwall, we found the perfect place to make great wine on a SW facing slope overlooking the Somerset levels. Good drainage, well protected from frost and a soil profile identical to some of the best parts of Burgundy and Champagne . We had a really steep learning curve as we grappled with unfamiliar agricultural equipment, tried to thwart voracious bunnies and battled the weeds. All worth it!

What is your wine career highlight? Tasting the very first wine three years after planting.

If someone wanted to get in to the wine industry, what would your advice be? WSET is a good place to start and taste as many wines as you can!

5 quick fire questions – Up Close and Personal!

1. Favourite food and wine match? Spaghetti Vongole with Smith and Evans naturally fermented still white

2. Have you got tattoos if so, how many.. if not, are you tempted? No tatts but have a slight itch for a Somerset dragon!

3. What did you want to be when you were growing up? Actress/filmmaker 

4. What is your favourite season? Harvest in autumn.

5. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be? Tea on demand. Calorie free wine. A tractor with a cab.